So you want to become a Trader?

Day Trading can be extremely lucrative. But…you absolutely have to know what you are doing.

Very few day traders can be successful without the mentorship of someone who’s ‘been in the trenches’.  This is why the vast majority of day trading courses fall short.  They teach the ‘book stuff’ but don’t follow through with real-life training.  That’s like learning how to ride a bike without actually getting your knees scraped up a little.

Now, here’s the good news.  Casdaq Trading is unique.  Not only will we give you the best start by professionally trading your funds to ensure you can enter the market with a solid level of funding (day-trading your own account requires a minimum balance of $25,000.00 at all times) We will educate you along the way as to how we trade the markets and why we pick certain entry and exit points. We have found that by following our professional traders for at least 6 months sets you up well to take in to serious consideration our Trader Training Programme.

Without specialized training, profiting in day trading is virtually impossible.  But, with specialized training, a smart day trader is able to pick out these profit opportunities.  There are dozens of profitable day trading opportunities every day.

The Casdaq Trader Training Programme provides you with an edge for today's markets. The Casdaq Trader Training Programme is a demanding, comprehensive, and thoughtful trading course. You will develop valuable trading skills that will enable you to profit in any market, from any location, and for your entire trading career. The Casdaq Training Programme teaches you the a craft: the craft of trading!


Our online program starts with the basics and assumes you have never traded before. We move on to strategy, analysis styles and trading styles. We use a simulator extensively to learn new things. You are not left alone here. The program is a guided one where you have a real person to speak with and request feedback.


Fundamental knowledge is the start. We cover the basics from market details to order placement.